Siem Reap

After an incredibly confusing border crossing that we definitely wouldn’t have been able to manage on our own, we make it into Cambodia and arrive at our first stop, Siem Reap. Things get even more confusing when we try and give our Tuk Tuk driver the directions to our hostel, which is uniquely called ‘The Siem Reap Hostel’, until we use Google Maps to save the day like the bloody millennials we are.

We’re supposed to go to Angkor Wat the next day, but we wake up feeling sick and nauseous and tired so we sleep all day instead. Later on, I decide that going out with some other backpackers from the hostel to Pub Street for a few drinks will somehow help me feel better. Obviously it doesn’t, and 12 hours later I wake up with a horrendous hangover feeling 1000% worse than the previous day. Suzy spends most of the day continuing to recover, and I spend most of the day trying to stand up.

The next day we finally make it to Angkor Wat. We got a tour included with our Bamba package, so our Tuk Tuk driver picks us up from the hostel and takes us around the main highlights of the huge temple complex. After walking through two huge temples, we get to the main one early afternoon, just in time for the hottest point of the day (despite advice from numerous people telling me to avoid getting to the main temple at the hottest point of the day). I can actually hear my freckles crying a bit.

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