Da Lat

We arrive in Dalat after a full day of travelling, which was made infinitely better by the seat beds on the bus where you could lie down and sleep for the whole journey. When we get to the hostel, it turns out to be harder to find a bed than it was on the bus – in the first dorm we’re sent to, we get woken up after 15 minutes by 4 confused looking girls whose beds we’ve just unwittingly stolen in the middle of the night. Oops.

The next day we go on a motorbike tour of Dalat, which we’re so excited about because we’re surrounded by amazing countryside and mountain scenery to explore. Our tour guides meet us at the hostel and we ride out of the city along scenic roads, stopping every so often to visit a temple, a coffee farm, a silk factory, and a huge waterfall. We’re given some local food to try along the way, including silkworms (no thank you) and coffee made from weasel poo (why).

After the tour we visit the Crazy House (which is probably where I belong after drinking coffee made from poop) and go out for an insect free dinner.

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