Hoi An

The overnight bus drops us off in Hoi An at 5 in the morning, and we flag down a taxi to head straight to our homestay.

After driving up and down the same road a few times in a row it becomes clear that we’re very very lost, so we stop to ask for directions but nobody has heard of the place we’re staying at or knows where it is. Shit. Have I booked us a place that doesn’t exist? Is it in another country? That does sound like something I’d do. Thankfully we eventually find it, and get charged half a million dong for what I assume was the unplanned tour we got added on to our journey.

That night we head straight to the night markets which are so cute I want to cry and stay here forever:

The next day we go on a cycling tour around the Hoi An countryside (featuring some super sexy ponchos):

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