Phi Phi Islands

We make it to the dock with about 3 seconds to spare for our boat to the Phi Phi Islands – our last proper stop of the trip before heading home. I’ve never been seasick before, but the journey across is my first experience of it – we rock up and down so much that when I look out of the window I see sky, sea, sky, sea on a loop. I keep my eyes on the toilet door opposite from where we’re sat, partly because it helps to look at one fixed point and partly because I’ll probably need to use it any second.

We’re staying in a little beach hut right at the end of the island, which turns out to be the best of both worlds as it’s just a few yards away from a quiet section of the beach, but only a 10 minute walk to the main strip. It’s also about 30 seconds away from the local hospital, which is handy considering how cheap the cocktails are.

After spending our first few days on the beach, we go on a boat tour that takes us to a few of the nearby islands with a different activity at each one, including swimming, scuba diving, and a walk along Monkey Beach:


After a few days in paradise, we eventually have to face reality and pack our things up for one last time before heading home. Next stop: Munich in a few weeks for Oktoberfest! (I can actually hear my bank balance crying)

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