How to spend a week in Munich during Oktoberfest (including things that aren’t beer)

Last week, me and my friend Elliott ticked something off our bucket lists that we’d been looking forward to for so long – a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest, the beer drinking festival of our dreams. Neither of us had been to Munich before, so we decided to split our time there between the beer tents and visiting some of the other highlights of the city (hopefully while sober.) Here’s what we did with 5 days in Munich:


On our first morning we headed straight to the Oktoberfest tents for a full day of German bier. (The only word we needed to use all week, so our 6 years of German lessons came in handy). We got there at around midday and it was already completely packed; every tent was full of people dancing on tables to the sound of an oompah band who were playing on a stage in the middle of the room. There are loads of tents to try out but we ended up staying in the same one all day, partly because it was such a good atmosphere but mainly because each stein took us about 17 hours to drink.

After 2 steins we decided it would be a great idea to go on the fairground rides (risky business after the equivalent of 6 pints, I screamed my tits off all the way through a not even scary ride) before we gave up and crashed at 8:30pm.

Englischer Garten

After a few pints of water and a huge hangover buffet breakfast (which included meat, cheese, and bread all on one plate, yes god) we decided to spend our second day doing something non-beer related that involved a lot of nice fresh air to help the nausea. We decided on the Englischer Garten, a massive park in the middle of the city, which was 10/10 for a hangover walk:


We spent the next day in and around Marienplatz, a huge shopping area in the centre of Munich, which was basically like shopping in Leeds except every other shop wasn’t a Greggs. (What a let down).

Nymphenburg Palace

The next day we walked to Nymphenburg Palace on the outskirts of Munich, which is surrounded by gardens and other stuff to explore:

Hellabrunn Zoo

We were going to go to Neuschwanstein Castle on our last day but ran out of time, so we decided to go to Hellabrunn Zoo instead. I’m not usually a zoo fan so was a bit reluctant to go at first, but it was amazing and had every animal you can think of, including Nemo:

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