5 reasons why group tours are great for solo travellers

After graduating from university in 2015, I moved back home and spent a few months working a boring hotel job as I figured out what the hell to do with my life. Eventually I decided the best thing to do would be to postpone any terrifying grown up thinking and go travelling instead, so I booked myself onto one of Topdeck Travel’s group tours to spend two weeks in Europe on their ‘Eastern Highlights’ tour.

The trip started in Dubrovnik and took us through Plitvice Lakes, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam before finishing back in London. It was only a 15 day trip but we covered so much stuff, and it was definitely a good way to see lots of new places in one go. It was also a really good way to go travelling solo, because the majority of the others are too so you’re all in the same boat – plus everything is organised for you! Here are 5 reasons why group tours are a great shout for solo travellers:

There are so many tours to choose from to suit different travel styles, budgets, and destinations

There are SO many different tour types to choose from that cover different trip styles, budgets, and destinations (I think I had 5983 tabs open just trying to choose one) which means you can pick one that’s perfect for you. Topdeck offer tours all over the world, and they’re divided into trip styles including hostel style for a social experience, hotel style for extra comfort, and camping for a more outdoor, explorer vibe. I went for a camping style tour because it was the cheaper option, and it turned out to be so good (apart from the odd freezing cold night when I wore literally all my clothes to sleep. I’m looking at you, Amsterdam).

Everything is organised for you

If you’re a first time solo traveller, the most beneficial aspect of group tours is probably how everything is organised for you, including accommodation, transport, food, and activities. The only thing I had to do myself was book a plane ticket to the tour’s starting point. Once you’re there, the Topdeck bus takes you from place to place, accommodation is sorted for each stop, most of your meals are provided, and loads of activities are included in the itinerary as well as free time to do your own thing.

You’ll make friends with other solo travellers along the way

My tour was almost entirely made up of solo travellers, so it’s a really great way to travel if you’re nervous about hitting the road on your own. It’s also really handy during the long bus journeys when you’re always guaranteed someone to chat to (unless everyone’s hungover or asleep).

The itinerary is packed with a great mix of activities

The trip itinerary covered so much stuff, from the main tourist attractions to bar crawls to free time to do whatever you want.

Save money with seasonal deals and offers

We all know travelling costs a shit ton of money, but luckily there are pretty much always seasonal deals and offers up on most of the tour group websites. (I think TourRadar is a good shout for grabbing a discount too??)

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