What to do with a short break in Dublin

There’s no denying that travelling is a bloody expensive hobby. As much as I’d love to hop from place to place all year round, it’s just not feasible for someone who hasn’t won the lottery 81 times. One way to do it is to have a look at the travel sections of discount voucher websites – there are so many deals to choose from at really good prices, especially if you’re going with other people and can split the cost up.

Last year, me and some pals did just that and grabbed a Groupon deal for a 2 night spa break in Dublin. Despite the grey, soggy weather and a disgustingly early flight, it was a really great short break and we managed to cram quite a lot in. Here are some of our highlights which are great to try during a short break in Dublin:

For a main attraction:
The Guinness Factory

This is quite an obvious one, but you can’t go to Dublin without doing a tour of the Guinness Factory. That’d be like going to Italy without eating pizza, or going to Yorkshire and not having a brew. Anyway, it’s about €20 for a ticket (depending on which time slot you choose), but you really get your money’s worth as the tour takes a couple of hours covering three huge floors, and then you get a free pint at the rooftop bar at the end.


For shopping:
Dublin Vintage Factory

We came across this place while we were wandering through the city and it’s a treasure trove of vintage clothes. I bought a shirt from there that has received more compliments (a grand total of three, buzzing) than anything else I’ve ever worn, so I recommend this groovy place to everyone.


For a pint:
Oliver St John Gogarty

We originally planned on going to The Temple Bar, but it was completely rammed with people who’d had the same idea and the queue was almost out the door. My friend’s dad had recommended Oliver St John Gogarty so we headed there hoping for better luck, and it turned out to be perfect – a little traditional pub with an Irish band playing live music. Beer, music, and Irish accents, what more could you want in life?


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