My favourite hostels (so far) from across the world

Last week I went to Travel Story, an event organised by Euroventure, The Dragon Trip, and World Nomads in London that brought together lots of lovely travel folk to share our (you guessed it) travel stories with each other. I was really inspired by the event and came home full of motivation to plan new trips and content for the year ahead. During my stay in the hostel overnight I discovered this police box (or spaceship?) and it made me look back on some of my favourite hostel experiences so far.

One of my favourite things about going travelling is staying in hostels. They’re not all perfect – some can be a bit too grim, a bit too noisy, or a bit too close to a main road where the bins get picked up at 4 in the morning if they haven’t been set on fire the night before. (Read my Dresden post for more on that story). Ultimately, though, each one has formed the backbone of every trip I’ve been on as they’ve provided opportunities to meet new people, make new stories, and try new experiences along the way. Here are some of my favourites that I’ve stayed in so far:

1A Adventure Hostel Lesce Bled
Bled, Slovenia

This place is an old monastery that’s been converted into a hostel and it was one of my favourite places that I stayed at on my Europe backpacking trip last year. It’s a bit far out from Bled but is very close to a train station/bus stop, and there’s also a free shuttle bus into the town centre twice a day which came in very very handy. My favourite thing about this place, though, is how sociable it felt the whole time. At the end of the day, when people were coming back from hiking/kayaking/rowing/walking for a bit then turning around because it started raining and they forgot a coat (I’m obviously the last one) we’d all sit outside with a beer and talk about our travels against the beautiful backdrop of the clear night sky and the church bells that rang out very loudly approximately every 8 minutes.

Take a look at their website here.

Crash Palace
Rotorua, New Zealand

This was one of my favourite places me and my friend stayed at when we went backpacking across New Zealand a couple of years ago. It had a very friendly vibe and there are lots of social activities that happen during the week where you can hang out with other people staying there, including free dinner one night which we took full advantage of. There’s also a pool table, hot tub, and a cat.

One of my favourite travel memories from this place happened when me and my pal decided to stay in one night instead of going out. We decided to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby which was all fine and normal until a German guy came and joined us, didn’t quite understand what was going on, and I attempted to mime what was happening instead of cracking out my D grade GCSE language skills. I can’t remember exactly what happened but I do know it probably looked like the worst game of charades you have ever seen.

Take a look at their website here.

Dany House
Florence, Italy

I’ve only been here once and it was way back in 2012 when I went travelling for the first time ever, but I remember it being one of the best places we stayed at on the whole trip. This may or may not have something to do with the free wine we were all given on one of the nights we were there. (Not sure if this still happens or not, but one can dream).

Take a look at their hostel page here.

Kick Ass Hostels
Edinburgh, Scotland

I stayed here back in 2016 when I went on a solo trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Kick Ass have two hostels in the city and I stayed at their Cowgate one, which is literally right on the doorstep of Edinburgh Castle, Grassmarket, and was a short walk to a lot of Fringe venues. There was also a good pub over the road which is always handy.

Take a look at their website here.

Krumlov House
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Krumlov House is a quirky little homestay in Cesky Krumlov and probably one of the most unique places I’ve ever stayed in. It’s on a cute little cobbled street and has a very homely vibe with wooden interiors, cosy furnishings and knick knacks all over the place. I only stayed there for two nights but Cesky Krumlov is now one of my new favourite places in the whole world so I guess that’s a good enough excuse to go back?

Take a look at their website here.

Lollis Homestay
Dresden, Germany

When I went to Dresden last year I couldn’t decide whether to stay here or at a different (cheaper) one. I went for the cheaper one, which was fine, but then on my last night I ended up doing a free night walking tour which started at Lollis Homestay and I got a major case of FOMO as soon as I walked through the door. Obviously I can’t comment on the rooms but the lounge bit was a very cute room filled with mismatched furniture and decor that had lots of places to sit and chat. There’s also a ladder that takes you up to this platform that has a huge bookshelf on it which is cute, but speaking from experience I wouldn’t recommend attempting to climb it after a drink or two.

Take a look at their website here.

Rice Flower Hostel
Hoi An, Vietnam

This was one of the best places I stayed at in Vietnam. It’s a bit out of the way from Hoi An in the most beautiful bit of countryside that’s perfect to come back to after a day of navigating the consistently busy roads. They also offer free bike hire, which makes getting into the city easy peasy. (I hadn’t used a bike for about 5 years at this point and decided the best time to start again was on the busiest road I’ve ever seen in my whole life. While everyone else navigated the madness with ease, my journey was a compilation of zig zagging, intermittent braking, and routinely shouting ‘bloody hell’. Expecting to get my own Michael Portillo style cycling programme any day now.)

Take a look at their hostel page here.

Sir Toby’s Hostel
Prague, Czech Republic

There are SO many hostels to choose from in Prague that when it came to booking mine I just sort of clicked one at random on Hostelworld with good reviews and hoped for the best. My thoughtless clicking paid off because I really enjoyed it here. There are so many different rooms and I’m not sure how they all compare, but mine was really nice and felt more like a tiny apartment than a backpacker’s accommodation. The staff were also really nice, and I’m not just saying that because the first person who served me was from Yorkshire. But it did help.

Take a look at their website here.

The Siem Reap Hostel
Siem Reap, Cambodia

This very uniquely named hostel is a good choice of place to stay in Siem Reap. The rooms are comfy, there’s a swimming pool next to the bar, it’s got a cinema room, they help you organise tours/activities/transport at the reception desk, and they serve the tastiest cheeseburger I’ve ever had in my life. (That may or may not have had something to do with how incredibly hungover I was during most of my stay). It’s also pretty close to Pub Street, a very uniquely named street lined with bars and the cause of my aforementioned non stop hangover.

Take a look at their website here.

Wombats City Hostel
Berlin, Germany

I only stayed here for one night last year but it was a really good place to stay and has a very cool rooftop bar where you can sit and have a beer with a cracking view of Berlin around you. There’s also a place over the road called Good Morning Vietnam which serves tasty Vietnamese food (believe it or not) and is pretty good for people watching.

Take a look at their website here.

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