My favourite songs from my backpacking playlist

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without whilst travelling? For me, it’s got to be Spotify and a pair of (most likely very tangled) headphones. On any solo trip there are lots of times when you’re going to be on your own, whether it’s exploring a destination, sitting on a bus/plane, or just hanging out in your hostel (hangover optional). During these solo periods, I like nothing more than to get my headphones in and enjoy my surroundings with some of my favourite songs playing in the background. Here are the songs currently at the top of my backpacking playlist:

George Ezra

This is one of my favourite songs in general and is particularly suited to my backpacking playlist because it’s upbeat, catchy, and very relevant as travelling is my paradise. (Can’t say the same for the Coldplay one, sorry lads)

George Ezra

This is starting to look like a George Ezra sponsored post but it’s just another very good song for backpacking, probably because most of the album it’s from was inspired by his travels across the world. (If I wrote an album about my travelling experiences it’d probably include the singles ‘Hmm Where Am I Now’, ‘Bloody Hell When Did My Backpack Get So Heavy’, and ‘No, I Don’t Understand What’s Happening With Brexit’.)

High Hopes
Panic! At The Disco

This is just an incredibly motivating song about reaching for your goals and living the dream and it sums up what travelling is for me. I actually feel like it could be the musical counterpart to this blog post I wrote last year.

Rather Be
Clean Bandit

This song is here mainly for nostalgic reasons as it was the song that defined my time working at an American summer camp back in 2014. Every year the kids would pick a recent song as that year’s official camp anthem and my year it was Rather Be because there was no place they’d rather be. CUTE.

T Shirt Weather
Circa Waves

This is one of my main summer playlist songs, mainly because I worked at a festival last year where Circa Waves were on and I heard it played/sung about 7,329 times while I was there.

Hold My Hand
Jess Glynne

Three words. Jet2’s marketing department. Now this song will forever remind me of sitting on the tarmac at Leeds Bradford with Jess Glynne on repeat for a good 40 minutes. Good times.

Good Times
Ella Eyre

Adding this because it’s genuinely one of my favourite solo travel soundtrack songs and not just because I got lazy at the end of the last one.


This song was playing all over the bloody place when I went to Edinburgh a few years ago for the Fringe Festival. As a result it’s earned a permanent place on my backpacking playlist, as it always takes me back to walking up and down the Royal Mile. I also vaguely remember walking past a street performer at the time who looked like the guy who sings it.


I’m not sure exactly why I love having this on my travel playlist. Maybe because they’re an Australian band and Australia is a place I want to go? Yeah, let’s go with that. (I’m just getting lazy with this now).

Shut Up And Dance
Walk The Moon

This song is all about “letting go of frustration and having fun” – according to Wikipedia, so it must be true – making it another regular bop on my travel playlist.

Do you have a backpacking playlist? Or maybe just a song that takes you back to some of your favourite travelling moments? Let me know in the comments…



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