A trip to Wakefield’s Food, Drink, & Rhubarb Festival (featuring lots of Yorkshire gin)

Yorkshire is famous for many things – tea, puddings, terriers, flat caps, coal mines, and a wonderful accent to name a few – but did you know it’s also famous for rhubarb?

The Rhubarb Triangle is a 9 square mile triangle (no surprises there) in West Yorkshire that’s famous for producing early forced rhubarb. (I have absolutely no idea what that means but I’m just going to write it down and hope nobody questions it in the comments). The reason it grows so well in this very specific area is apparently because of the ‘Siberian conditions’ – which sounds less like an actual thing and more like a comment someone from London would write on Yorkshire’s TripAdvisor page in the middle of summer.

To celebrate this lovely bit of local culinary history a festival takes place every year called the Wakefield Food, Drink & Rhubarb Festival where you can try lots of tasty rhubarb based produce from the region. I decided to go to it this year because I thought it would be fun to go to something that’s so important to my home region and try some tasty food at the same time. However, in a very on brand move, I spent most of my time there gravitating towards all of the gin stands trying as many free samples as possible (risky move when your shift starts an hour later). So, on that note, here are some of my highlights and favourite discoveries from the festival, half of which don’t include the thing that was the focus of this whole blog post. Whoops:

Yorkshire Tea flavoured gin (yes you did read that right)

I nearly cried a bit when I saw this. Yorkshire Tea and gin? What more could you need in life? I know what I’m buying on payday.

Whitby Gin

I’m gonna be honest with you, I wanted this mainly for the bottle.

Haworth Gin (feat. Yorkshire Tonic Water)

I’m gonna be honest with you again, I wanted to take this for the ‘gram. Bloody millennials. Tasted good though.

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