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Welcome to my blog! I’m a 25 year old Yorkshire lass who enjoys going off to see the world bit by bit every so often and making lots of ridiculous stories along the way. After a while I was making so many that I thought it would be fun to write them all down to share with the world, and A Northern Explorer was born. Have a look around my website and you’ll find a mixture of hapless stories, face palm inducing travel tales, along with the odd travel guide or two. Find out more about A Northern Explorer here, including where I got the name from (It involves Auckland and a 5am train):

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My first ever solo trip abroad was when I worked at an American summer camp back in 2014, and this year I’m reliving the experience in Canada! If you want to follow my camp journey and see what the experience is like, take a look at my camp diaries which I’ll be updating throughout the summer…