Let’s work together

Founded in 2017 and (eventually) publicly launched in 2018, A Northern Explorer is my travel blog where I share my backpacking adventures – mostly in the form of various hapless travel stories with some hopefully useful tips and advice thrown in for good measure. I use my blog to focus mainly on storytelling and so often write using a travel diary style format, injected with a sense of humour that will either make you laugh or awkwardly close the page and never come back ever again. (Fingers crossed it’s the first one).

Here are the some of the main things my blog can offer in terms of my audience, writing style and experience. (I’ve also spent over 2 years working in PR and Digital Marketing roles, so I have further experience in copywriting, social media management and digital content creation beyond my own blog).


My online following has been organically growing since May 2018. My main platform for audience engagement is Twitter because I don’t have Facebook and there’s only so much of my ‘candid’ photography that Instagram and Pinterest can take.

  • 2,700+ social media followers
  • 400+ monthly blog views
  • Media Kit available on request

Examples of previous work

I’ve recently started to reach out and pitch to work on some guest posts. I wrote these two for Euroventure, a travel company based in Leeds:


I would love to collaborate further with brands in 2019 and make some more exciting travel related content for our audiences to enjoy and be inspired by. If you have an opportunity that you think I would be a good fit for, or if you would like to see my media kit, please get in touch with me using this Contact form or drop me a message at hello@anorthernexplorer.com!