How I spend my time at home between travelling

I’ve been lucky enough to go to lots of exciting places lately, including New Zealand, Oktoberfest, and a two week holiday in the Algarve (take me back pls) but now, due to a heavily exhausted bank balance and a need to conserve some of my holiday days, I’ve got nothing planned for the foreseeable future. (We’ll see how that goes).

Luckily, there are other ways you can satisfy your itchy feet in between trips (as in urge to travel, not the medical condition) and here are a few that I’ll probably be trying over the next few months at home while my bank account goes into recovery mode:

Volunteer/work at a festival

One thing I’ve done a few times over the years when I’ve had a spare bank holiday weekend or a few days free in the summer is volunteer or work at a UK music festival. There are loads of different companies that you can do this with, but I chose Oxfam so I’ll talk about them:

Oxfam run a volunteer scheme where you can sign up to work as a steward at any number of festivals of your choice, with a free ticket and staff camping given to you in return. I did this with them at Leeds Festival in 2013 and, despite 7,572 years worth of rain falling on the first day causing half of the tents to wash away, it was so much fun and a really great way to experience a festival – especially if you want to do one solo!

More recently I worked with a different company at V Festival, Neighbourhood Weekender, and this year I’m hoping to work Latitude and potentially Kendal Calling. (I like all these imaginary holiday days I seem to be creating for myself, very handy).

Get through my Yorkshire bucket list

I sometimes forget that I live in the most amazing and fantastic county in the whole bloody world so I’ve recently started planning trips I can take across Yorkshire as it’s right on my doorstep. Might as well get the most out of my £80 a month travel card eh? These are some of the places I wanna see, if any Yorkshire folk know of any others I should add hit me up:

  • York
  • Saltaire
  • Malton
  • Ripon
  • Skipton
  • Ingleton

Look at trips online that I can’t afford while watching travel documentaries and colouring this book in

This is the one I do most of the time, thanks for your support in these trying times Lonely Planet x