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Happy weekend everyone! I hope you’re all coping well in this 20000 degree heat and haven’t melted into a human puddle – I’m currently in the form of one giant freckle so how I’m managing to type this is beyond me.

ANYWAY, I was recently nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Abbie, thank you so much! I’m definitely still in the process of getting into my stride with blogging so it’s really cool and encouraging to see I’m producing content that’s being enjoyed by people along the way. Writing this was a lot of fun because I feel like I haven’t said a huge amount about myself apart from the limited ramblings of my About page, but it also took me a whole entire day just to come up with 7 things to write?? Anyway, enjoy:



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I’m a Yorkshire lass and have lived in Leeds my whole life, apart from the 5 years I spent living in Nottingham (see below). Fun fact for all you 00s indie music fans: I live near the places where Kaiser Chiefs and Pigeon Detectives come from (I don’t know how many of you are 00s indie music fans so do with that what you will).

I studied History at Nottingham, an achievement that continues to baffle me because most of the time I can’t even remember what happened yesterday. (I spent most of my time there concentrating on my involvement in student radio, despite having an accent that the student population there couldn’t understand. Or anybody else for that matter).

I used to play guitar and got up to Grade 3 before giving up at the age of 13 or something, but if you asked me to play now it would probably just sound like lots of cats screaming so don’t book me for Leeds Fest just yet x

I once got on stage at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! It was 2016, I’d gone to the festival solo, and I was at one of my favourite comedian’s shows which needed two people from the audience to go on stage and be paired up with a guest comedian he’d brought on. I was put on a team with Mark Dolan and, apart from being incredibly awkward and not that funny, I thought I did pretty good.

My favourite TV show is Parks and Recreation and I relate 100% to everything Andy Dwyer says – I think he might be my spirit animal. I also like Peep Show, Arrested Development, The IT Crowd, Community, and can probably quote every episode of Father Ted off by heart. I should put that on my CV.

When I was younger I was completely in love with the band Elliot Minor and I think I saw them a grand total of 10 times between the ages of 14 and 21. I probably still have a bag full of signed tickets, old posters, band tees and photos somewhere (ahhh, the good old pre-Instagram days).

The Coral once walked past me while I was sat on the pavement eating a cheese sandwich. (I really struggled to come up with 7 things guys lol)


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Look forward to reading your answers! x

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