A diary/guide to Prague | Europe 2018

This blog post series is all about my backpacking trip across Europe this summer, which I did using a Hop On Hop Off bus pass. In this post I’ve just left Dresden and arrived at Prague, the second stop of my trip and one of my favourite places in the whole world. Here’s what I got up to:

After spending about three hours trying to get out of bed, shower, and pack with a hangover that was making the room feel permanently upside down, I said goodbye to Dresden and got on my next bus to Prague, where I spent the entire journey in the foetal position trying not to throw up. Mercifully I made it, moved very, very, VERY slowly off the bus, clumsily threw on my backpack – a procedure that got less and less graceful as the trip went on – and headed in what was hopefully the direction of my hostel. (I’m usually slightly more competent than this paragraph is making out, I promise).

I chose to stay at a place called Sir Toby’s Hostel, because it was reasonably priced and near a tram stop but mainly because I’m lazy and it was one of the first places that came up on the Hostelworld app. After checking in I decided to have a power nap before heading out to see Prague – travelling hungover is bloody hard work – but I accidentally woke up three hours later, so decided to just go to the hostel bar instead and start properly tomorrow. (The guy who served me was from Sheffield, carrying on my longstanding tradition of always bumping into Yorkshire folk when I’m travelling. How do I do it? Do we go towards the sound of each other’s accents? Do we follow the Northern scent of tea and flat caps??)

The next morning I got up early and headed into Prague to go on a walking tour. There are always so many different ones to choose from but I went with Sandemans because loads of people had raved to me about them before, so I thought it was time to finally give them a go. It lasted 3 hours and took us through the main bits of Prague, except the Astronomical Clock which was 100% scaffolding that day. Our guide also gave us some historical facts along the way, which I really enjoyed because I haven’t learnt anything about the past since my History degree three years ago. FOR EXAMPLE: Did you know the Rolling Stones paid for the lighting at Prague Castle? Classic pub quiz answer right there.

After the tour, me and a girl from New Zealand who had been in my group grabbed a beer from a nearby market and sat in some shade by the river, because it was the middle of the day by this point and my ginger skin was starting to cry. After my freckles had calmed down we headed back out to go and see some stuff including the Charles Bridge, John Lennon Wall, and Prague Castle, before getting more beer at a beer garden. Lovely beer. Have I mentioned there’s lots of beer here?

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