REVIEW: A Week in Cochrane House | Kirkcudbright, Scotland

Last year I went to Scotland for a week with my parents to a cute lil’ place called Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway, an area so nice they just had to name it twice. (Obviously not the reason why it’s called that but it’s fun to rhyme). If you want to see how cute it is take a look at this photo diary type post I wrote about it here, or just keep scrolling down which is quicker and easier and with much better results:

We stayed at a place called Cochrane House which is perfectly located right in the middle of Kirkcudbright. It’s about a 10 second walk away from the Main Street which has everything you need on it, including one of the best fish and chip shops I’ve ever been to, and it’s also near a place that has over 140 different types of gin. What more could you want?

Cochrane House itself is very cute and has everything you need for a relaxing stay in Kirkcudbright. It’s got a big comfy living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a garden, and as you can see from the photos below they’re all very homely and cosy. (So homely that Mum asked me where we might be able to buy half of the furnishings from and so cosy that it took about 45 minutes, 3 alarms, and an “Are you up yet???” from downstairs to get me out of bed).

There are loads of things to see nearby and they’re all listed in a handy little book you’ll find inside. MacLellan’s Castle, pictured below, is literally on the doorstep, as well as a bunch of different walks and shops and pubs to try. (Did I mention one of them has 140 types of gin?)

There are also lots of galleries to see – Kirkcudbright is known as The Artists’ Town – but we didn’t make it to any of them. (Probably for the best to be honest, the last time I went to an art gallery I nearly tripped over and broke one of the main exhibitions. I’ll never be allowed back to Kew Gardens). We also managed to catch the Kirkcudbright Food Festival which I really enjoyed, though my dentist probably didn’t as I ate about 6 brownies.

We spent nearly every day going on walks, because it’s Scotland and there are more scenic views than there are Greggs on my local high street. There are a few you can do in Kirkcudbright itself which were really nice, but we also went further afield and did one from Auchencairn to Balcary Bay about a 20 minute drive away which was amazing:

Another place to visit nearby is Galloway Forest Park which we decided to go to on our last day. After getting quite a bit lost (I was in charge of directions) we eventually got there, parked up, and just stood for a bit looking up at the sky full of stars. It was all pretty magical until I heard an animal make a weird noise in the darkness nearby and I leapt very ungracefully into the car.


If you want to plan a trip to this lil gem of a place then you can book a stay here. Enjoy x

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