My highlights from 2 weeks in Alvor, Portugal

Earlier this year me and my best pals went on holiday to Alvor, a resort village in The Algarve, Portugal, for two weeks of sun, sea, and pool when we were too lazy or hungover to manage the 7 minute drive to the coast. It was my first time in Portugal, so I thought I’d write up some of my highlights from the trip into a fun (sort of) guide:

Favourite beach: Praia de Alvor

After a few days of relaxing by the pool, we decided to try a different bit of water and go down to the beach for a day. We chose Praia de Alvor, a long stretch of sea and sand lined with clifftop walks and rock formations that split the beach up into loads of different sections. There was also a place where you could get a jug of Sangria to bring down to the beach which was pretty good too. (The next time I had it wasn’t as good, see below for the whole tragic tale).

Favourite restaurant: Lusitania

One of my favourite things in the whole world is food and there was plenty of it to try in Alvor. My favourite place was called Lusitania, a quirky looking glass covered restaurant that served tasty food and nice drinks and a very sexy Instagram aesthetic:

Further up the road there was also a place called Paesano where I got a lasagna that was 90% cheese. I know thats not Portuguese food but I’m sure you can understand my excitement from the cheese ratio.

Favourite bar: The one with this outstanding happy ‘hour’

We didn’t actually go in this one, if we did I wouldn’t have remembered the rest of the holiday. Or the rest of 2018, probably.

Favourite things to do:

One of my favourite experiences from our stay in Alvor was a boat trip that we did on one of our last days of the holiday which took us around some of the caves and rock formations along the coastline. It was all plain sailing (literally) until halfway through the tour when we were all suddenly given free Sangria. I tipped my head back to drink mine, forgetting I was wearing a hat, and it blew off my head into the ocean where we watched it slowly float away into the distance.

That’s what should have happened. Instead, our tour guide spent about 25 minutes circling around it with a huge fishing net trying to get it back in what looked like the weirdest version of Hook A Duck I’ve ever seen. They eventually got it, we made it back to shore, and I left the boat with a very grateful scalp and 20 very pissed off tourists. Whoops.

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