A diary/guide to Bled | Europe 2018

This blog post series is all about my backpacking trip across Europe this summer, which I did using a Hop On Hop Off bus pass. In this post I’ve just left Cesky Krumlov and arrived in Bled, the fourth stop of my trip. Here’s what I got up to:

After a one night stopover in Munich, I got on my next bus to Slovenia (for the first time) to my next destination, Bled. I was so excited to finally be going to Lake Bled, which had been on my bucket list for ages, so I decided to spend five whole days there so that I could see as much of it as possible. All I needed was the weather to stay as hot and sunny and dry as it had been so far and everything would be perfect. (Spoiler alert, it didn’t).

We arrived in Bled early afternoon, I said goodbye to the group and I made my way to my hostel. I had chosen to stay at a place called 1A Adventure Hostel Lesce Bled, an old monastery on the edge of town that’s been converted into a traveller’s place to stay. (Highlights included the owner’s cute dog, lowlights included the church bells which ring quite loudly and quite a lot.)

After checking in, I went straight back out to see Lake Bled for a bit. You know when you have a place on your bucket list that you’re so excited to see, and when you finally do see it it exceeds all expectations and you’re in love with it straight away? I got that with Lake Bled. It is bloody MAGICAL. Well, it was magical for about 15 minutes, then the grey clouds that had been getting progressively darker overhead (while I progressively ignored them) finally opened. 

The next day we got up bright and early to catch the bus to Lake Bohinj, a huge lake about 30 minutes away from Bled that’s part of Triglav National Park. There are loads of different things to do there, including walking, hiking, kayaking and more. We only had a day there and wanted to see as much as possible so we decided to walk to the far end of the lake to the cable car so we could take in the panoramic views. We got about halfway there before the rain came back with a vengeance, and I was reminded for the second time in as many days that the European heatwave was probably over now.

The next day I was up early again to catch the hostel’s free bus drop off to Triglav National Park. It was raining heavily again so I got dressed for the weather (I didn’t take a waterproof so just wore half my clothes instead, sorry mum), jumped onto the bus with a group of others from the hostel, and we all did an amazing walk through the park which looked a little bit like this:

After getting dropped off back at the hostel so we could dry off and get changed we went back out into town to hire a rowing boat on Lake Bled. It was still raining but someone on our morning walk had said it only took them 15 minutes to row out to the island (it actually took 45 minutes of rowing plus a bit more time when I steered us into a water slide).

On my last morning in Bled I checked my Weather app and saw that, for the first time in the 5 days I had been there, the rain was finally due to stop and return to the good ol’ heatwave. Because of this I decided to change my plans last minute and catch a bus to Ljubljana later in the day so that I could go and see Lake Bled. It was absolutely STUNNING to see in the sunshine, but I think it would look amazing at any time of year. (Which is handy, because that’s an excuse to go at least another 3 times).

I also had some Bled cake, which was a bit like a big square vanilla slice from Greggs. (Basically a food critic now. Look out for me on Masterchef x)

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