A diary/guide to Ljubljana | Europe 2018

This blog post series is all about my backpacking trip across Europe this summer, which I did using a Hop On Hop Off bus pass. In this post I’ve just left Bled and arrived in Ljubljana, the fifth stop of my trip. Here’s what I got up to:


Despite spending a whole five days in Bled, I was pretty gutted to leave and was already planning a return visit in my head before the bus had even left the stop. (No wonder my bucket list never gets any bloody shorter). Little did I know at the time that I was about to fall even more in love with my next stop, Ljubljana, which turned out to be one of my favourite places on the whole trip.

I arrived in Ljubljana late afternoon, threw on my backpack and made my way across the city from the bus station to my hostel. The weather had returned to heatwave mode by this point, and the whole place was lit up by that golden glow/blue sky combo making everything look so good that not even my terrible photography could destroy it:

After checking in to my home for the next couple of days, a place called AdHoc Hostel found in the perfect spot next to the river and on one of the main streets, I went straight back out to explore Ljubljana with a girl who had checked in at the same time as me. We decided to walk through the centre and up to the castle where you can see the whole city just as the sun was going down, and it was bloody lovely:

The next morning I woke up early so that I could go on the famous Ljubljana Free Tour that I’d been hearing so much about (I think about half the people in my Bled hostel told me to definitely do it and not just because of the free booze sample you get). I went to get breakfast beforehand in a place called EK BISTRO that looked like it had been built entirely by people from Shoreditch. (I really wish I’d stayed inside though, because it looked very cool and also because I was chased away from my chair very ungracefully by a group of wasps outside.)

Anyway, I did the Ljubljana walking tour afterwards and it definitely lived up to the hype. It started at Prešeren Square and lasted for about 3 hours, taking us through all the main bits of the city. The whole tour was so interesting and it was made even better by our guide who was really funny, took us to a place for free blueberry liquor samples (very tasty) and did the entire thing on a skateboard. What more could you want?

I spent the rest of the day enjoying a casual stroll around the city – I’d seen all the main bits on the tour so wanted to enjoy going round at a leisurely pace. Have I mentioned how cute it is here?

Me and my pal from the hostel were both leaving on the same day, so on our last morning we went to Tivoli Park to have breakfast at a place that we’d been told to try. I can’t remember what it was called but it was so nice and actually pretty quiet. How’s that for a breakfast view??

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