About me

Hi! I’m Sarah, a 25 year old part time backpacker and travel blogger from Yorkshire, which you probably guessed straight away if you’ve ever heard me speak.

I was given my first taste of adventure for the big wide world during my childhood family holidays (Highlights include running away from the pigeons in Trafalgar Square on potentially my first ever visit to London, splashing around on the steps at Chatsworth House in the sunshine while covered in at least 7 layers of suncream, and painfully cycling through beautiful French countryside with my brakes unknowingly stuck onto the wheels. Ahhhh, good times).

After going on my first ever solo trip abroad to work in the USA back in 2014, I was bitten by the travel bug even more, and have been wandering off to different parts of the world ever since. My itchy feet show no sign of being satisfied just yet (what an odd sentence) so I thought it would be a great idea to write down all the funny, ridiculous stories and hopefully useful travel tips I’m picking up along the way and share them in a blog for all (my mum) to see.